Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville

by Sand Josieph

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released January 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Sand Josieph Shoreline, Washington

'ello, Galadians!

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Track Name: Carnival Cat (feat. lots of ponies)
[just a creepy giggling from Carnival Cat]

verse 1
[Carnival Cat likes Large Ham]
Welcome all My Little Pony friends,
Come and stay with me 'til the end.
There's just one thing that has to be said,
"If you can-not play then you're dead."

verse 2
Look, there's the ticket booth, feed it quickly please,
Your gold bits are what it eats...
There is so much to see, you will not believe,
(the) Parasprites I had last week.

Wander now inside, leave Ponyville behind.
If you turn back now a cockatrice you'll find.
Say what makes you happy, Say that "da magicks" here.
Do not be afraid, 'cause I am not one to fear
(for) This is the place where I control all you see,
But I want more so come pretty please (with)

reprise verse 1
Me, the Cat of Carnival design.
Fillies get in line...

1rst fanfair
Applebloom: "But you're a pony!"
Carnival Cat: "I am NOT a pony!"
Scootaloo: "Well, you look like one..."
Carnival Cat: "Do I look equine? These ears you see are definitely of feline nature!"
Sweetie Belle: "But what about your mane and tail?"
Carnival Cat: "Silence! And let us speak of this never again..."

bridge 1
< Big Brother! >

verse 3
[Carnival Cat gets seductive]
Come with me baby so we can set love free.
< Love is a foal who will not obey your laws. >
Happiness is my guarantee.
< Love is a mare with fangs and claws. >
So please come here and give me one sweet kiss,
< Love is a pony demure and little, >
Or you will be left friendless.
< Though she is not so brittle. >

verse 4
My love is lonely idle without a spark.
< Love is a Cutie Mark that's beyond your reach. >
Patiently waiting to devour your heart.
< Love is a joke that poisons all the weak. >
Sweet music preys on you, my darling baby,
< Love is a filly who will ravage your soul, >
(so) Please give your love to me, Your Lady!
< (since) She dares not ever let you go! >

reprise verse 1
[Carnival Cat goes hammy again]
I am waiting saddle up your pride.
< Love is waiting, saddle up your pride, >
There's no need to run and hide!!!
< There's no need to run and hide!!! >

1rst fanfair
[Carnival Cat just giggles playfully]
< La La La La La La La La La La La-a-a-ah... >
< La La La La La La La La La La La-a-ah! >

chorus 2
[What's the Cat planning?]
Now that you're with me just sit back and relax.
< Sit back and relax... >
There is much to do so listen to these facts:
< Listen to these facts... >
Ponyville is doomed and you've got a front row view.
The events in motion cannot be stopped unless you
Give yourself up and let your love set me free,
+ Please come and save us... +
Or these three die, their souls paid to me (so)...
+ ...don't let her take us... +

reprise verse 1
Marry Me, and I shall waste your life.
+ NO!!! Don't Do It! Please don't waste your life. +
Let me be your Little WIFE!!!
+ Don't make her your little wife! +

2nd fanfair
unnamed priest: "Do you, Miss, take this stallion to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
Carnival Cat: "Definitely..."
unnamed priest: "Do you, Sir, take this mare..."
Carnival Cat: "Mare!?"
unnamed priest: " Do you take this "cat" to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
Big Macintosh: "Eenope!"
Carnival Cat: "Too bad, we're married now..."

bridge 2
= For Ponyville! Our Home... "LET'S GO!" =

verse 5
[Carnival Cat gets intimate]
Come get to know me, My Little Pony,
Let's consummate our day!!!
< Let's Play! >
Don't make a fuss I'm one you can trust,
= Magic... Laughter... =
There's no need to turn away!!!
= Honesty... = < Don't Stray! >

verse 6
There's nothing to fear, Don't be so frightened.
= Loyalty... Kindness... =
Beauty cannot harm you!!!
= Generosity... = < It's True! >
Don't be so scared of my plans for two,
= The Elements... =
There's nothing I dare not do!!!
= ...of Harmony! = < For You! >

reprise verse 1
[Carnival Cat goes hammy again and the foals break their possession]
[Big Macintosh adds his voice to his sisters']
Now you're mine, you ponies can’t resist.
<=+ Get away you psychopathic witch, +=>
You make my life oh so rich!!!
<=+ Your kind make us ponies sick!!! +=>

Big Macintosh: "Eeyup..."

[Carnival Cat just cackles uncontrollably]
<=+ Go away you monster! +=>
<=+ Leave us be in Ponyville! +=>
<=+ Go away you monster! +=>
<=+ Taste the Rainbow, Pony foal! +=>
[Carnival Cat screams in rage at being called a pony]